Class Projects: Likes and Dislikes

Class Projects: Likes and Dislikes

Night Photos

This was a good project because I liked playing around with lights. By using long exposure we were able to paint with light. I think that the quality of the images came out good and it made me want to do more exploring with night photography and light. These were taken on campus and there are some great possibilities of taking night photos in other places.


Ben Lewis + Arthur Marquez (Guest Speaker)

Both guest speakers were very unique in the things that they shoot and they both portrayed such a different style when it came to shooting things of familiarity. I enjoyed the portrait shots that Arthur took of the men fully submerged under water. Great lighting and composition! The aerial shot of the ship that Ben took was framed very well and it had a great overall look to it. For both, I could see their work printed at a very large scale with a glossy finish and it would look insane.

Ben Lewis + Arthur Marquez (Guest Speaker)


I enjoyed shooting the panoramic shots. They were from a hike in Jacumba, California and also from Pikes Peak in Colorado. What I like about panoramic shots is if you don’t have a wide lens, you can fit more into a photo this way. I think it gives a feel for the entire location that you are shooting. It is complete and captures so much that the viewer can feel like they were there.


Photo Booth Project

It was a fun project taking photos of so many different faces for the photo booth project. I set up a tripod in my neighborhood and tied a sheet against a car in the street as the backdrop. A day ahead of time, I asked some neighbors if they would be willing to be photographed for my school project. For most of the neighbors, I just went to their doors while I was filming and asked them to come outside for a quick picture. I also stopped people as they were driving by and asked a couple of delivery truck drivers if I could take their picture.

What was the most interesting to me was that when neighbors came out to take their pictures, they stayed out and talked to each other for a long time. I felt like I did a good thing getting everyone to be able to hang out and be social. Many of these people hadn’t seen each other in a long time because their kids grew up and they don’t hang out outside anymore. What was also interesting to me was that out of about 22 houses, there were about 35-40 people home at 12:45 on a weekday. Everyone was happy to help and they were even looking for other ways to help me out. Some walked home and told their neighbors to come by to get their picture taken. A couple people were in a hurry, on their way to work or somewhere else, but most were not.

I chose a solid off white backdrop because I wanted to focus just on faces with no distractions. I wanted to get all ages in the photos and as many different types of people with different types of personalities as I could. I thought this would show through in the photos.

Neighbor Grid Project-Edit-3

Photo Booth Project

Project Proposal – Book

Project Proposal – Book



How does a student get their car from San Diego, California to Denver, Colorado over

spring break? They enlist their friend to take an adventurous road trip and then fly

home. This is not only an opportunity to see new places, it is an opportunity to see these

places and document this trip through the eye of a camera lens. With this said, the

journey will have much more meaning than a simple trip. The route will depend on the

weather conditions and will be geared toward getting some amazing pictures of

landscapes and events.



I will take my camera and other photographic equipment by car, hiking and any other

means. I will put this information and these pictures in a book and will add some writing

to tell about locations and events. This trip will serve two purposes, one as a great

vacation and the other as a class project where a book will be made to document the

great photos I will capture.


Plan of Action:

To carry out this plan, I will do some research on the best places to visit where I can get

some great shots. I will use multiple lenses to make the book and shots more interesting.

I will document start to finish. I am going to document the trip, the adventures, and

surprises of the trip that might occur. I will be ready for what comes along the way that

is or isn’t in our travel plans. It will be an artistic journey for me, as I will plan the trip to

find locations where I can express and show my photography abilities. I am pretty good

at planning the best ways to get shots and in moments where I am caught off guard, I

naturally and quickly think of the angles, lighting and images I want to capture. I’m

guessing there can be problems due to weather, but that’s what will make this adventure

more fun, interesting and probably more artistic.


This project will work because I have done a lot of travel photography. It will be different

this time because we are driving a Mini Cooper and I won’t be able to off road like I

usually do, but that will make this more of an adventure for me, one that I can document

in a new and different way. It will force me to take a different perspective and get photos

in different ways than I’m used to.


Desired Outcomes:

My goals are to show an actual journey of two students getting a car from one state with

nice weather to another state with much different weather. My goal is to show how

different each location we stop at is. There will be different weather, terrain and

architecture. My book will show my journey, but reflect who I am as a

photographer/artist at the same time. It will show how I see things and what I



Necessary Resources:

For this trip and this book, I will need my camera, lenses, a backpack to hike around and

hold it all and maybe a tripod. I will use natural light for the photos. You can’t fit that

much in a Mini Cooper or on a plane home. My main preparation is to plan a trip with

good ideas and locations for photos. I have to be spontaneous though to document this

trip and make it real. If something unplanned happens, the better it will be.



For this project, I am going to accomplish two main things, getting a car to Colorado and

showing my journey as a way to express myself as an artist. By taking photos of

landscapes and my experiences, I will be able to tell a story of my travels and what can

be seen on a road trip. Doing this project will also make it so I notice everything and take

nothing about the trip for granted. I will make a book that shows the adventures, the

views, and that shows what role photography has in seeing new places. Mostly, I will take

a trip as an artist to show how I see the world.


Project Proposal – Book